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Стейбнау Дана (14)

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Fire And Ice

Стейбнау Дана

Fire And Ice

Стейбнау Дана
Fire And Ice

Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell was a young go-getter with everything going his way-a rich wife, a loving son, and a career ready to take off. But then it all fell to pieces. A drunk driver took his family, a tragic miscalculation took his career, and the bottle was about to take everything else…until Liam found himself on a plane to his new posting-a small native town far from the big city comforts of Anchorage. And fate isn't finished with him yet. No sooner does he set foot off the plane than he is confronted with a suspiciously dead body, an office going to hell in a handbasket, and the accusing glare of the only woman he'd ever truly loved…and lost. Featuring richly drawn-out characters and a spellbindingly rugged location, Fire And Ice is Dana Stabenow's most thoroughly enjoyable work to date, and is the first installment of a terrific new mystery series!

"Every time I think Dana Stabenow has gotten as good as she can get, she comes up with something better." – WASHINGTON TIMES

" Alaska 's finest mystery writer." – ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS

"The magic and power of the Alaskan environment are brought vividly alive." – MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"Stabenow's crisp writing and wonderful cast of characters with their Alaskan wit and wisdom will keep you cool on a hot day." -ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS

"Stabenow is rapidly emerging as one of the strongest voices in crime fiction." – SEATTLE TIMES

"Stabenow is a splendid writer." -BOOKLIST