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The Serial Killer Compendium

Parker R.J

The Serial Killer Compendium

Parker R.J
The Serial Killer Compendium

#1 AMAZON KINDLE BESTSELLER IN *"U.S. History & Violence in Society"

--Top 100 Paid List BESTSELLER-- Award Winning Book

This book is an astounding compilation of 50 of the world's most notorious and ruthless Serial Killers, including: Serial Killers who were captured, Serial Killings that were never solved, Female Serial Killers, and Doctors who killed their patients.

Some of the more infamous cases are: Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam, Karla Homolka, Christine Fallings, the Green River Killer, Dr. H.H. Holmes and the Zodiac.

This book also includes: the Black Widows, Cannibals, Unsolved Serial Killings, and the various categories of Serial Killers as defined by the FBI. The paperback version will be released by April 25, 2012.

"RJ Parker writes the most informative and interesting books, hands down. Unsolved even gave me true crime I didn't already know about. Didn't think that was possible! This author rocks!"

- Lori Smith (Unsolved Serial Killings)

"Women Who Kill is an interesting and eclectic dossier on some of the nastiest female murderers ever. He has researched well and presented the reader with a collection of the more unusual and bizarre femme fatales than one usually finds in similar True Crime compilations."

- William Cook (Women Who Kill)

"As always, R.J. writes definitively and factually in Case Closed. I was amazed at all of the "big-name" serial killers who have been caught. Parker gives us a peek into the lives of serial killers ranging from Gacy to Bundy to the relatively recent discovery of the BTK killer's identity. This is great stuff, insightful and well written. For any fan of serial killers, R.J.'s work is recommended."

- Carl Hose (Case Closed: Serial Killers Captured)

"This book is very emotional and brilliantly written! The Author brings the crimes alive in detail and in a tearful read of the reality of everyday bullying! Once you start reading this book of horrors yet saddening, not only for the victims but the killers themselves, you wont want to put it down. 5 stars to the RJ Parker for having the words and courage he brings to the pages."

- K.L. Rotunno (School Shootings)

"This book scared me. You expect the highest of standards and integrity with doctors, but these health professional operators are killers! A compelling read, chalked full of detail and hard to put down."

- Orange County Weekly (Doctors Who Killed)


"You will be introduced to the worst of the worst - some of the most twisted minds to inhabit a human body on earth."

~ Kat Yares - Amazon Vine Voice Top Reviewer, Clinton, AR USA

"This is a collection of R.J. Parker's books on serial killers and is very well researched. Almost all the infamous names are in this book. If you are into serial killers, be it the psychology or the methodology of both killer and the people that hunt them, this is an excellent starting point."

~ Rich and Elona Meyer *